Welcome to My Life on Two Wheels


For each new hobby that I find myself enjoying, I like to incorporate my skills in web development as well as my enjoyment of writing and try to build a blog aimed at whatever new fascination I have. Cycling has been a growing interest in my life over the past few years an it’s finally come to the point where I thought a blog would be beneficial (and found time to build said blog). Obviously, this is that blog.

Race Recaps

I first had the idea for this blog as I was in the middle of my first collegiate racing season with the Auburn Flyers and found myself having a hard time explaining to friends and family how my weekends were being spent. Several people have been supportive and encouraging when they see I was doing pretty well in my first season of racing, but I’m sure very few people fully understood what exactly those results mean.

While those that don’t understand bike racing, or cycling in general, could only understand the good placings, I also found an enjoyment in recapping the details of each race and weekend in various cycling forums, most notably r/Velo. This blog will serve as a nice medium for both audiences. It gives me a better platform for really going into detail of my races for those that understand those details, but it also gives me the opportunity to hopefully inform others about the lesser known aspects of bike racing.

Product/Gear Reviews

As I’ve gotten more and more into cycling, I’ve quickly found how expensive the hobby can be. I tend to have a knack for falling in love with money pit hobbies… However, I also started to realize how marketable cycling could be since the entire sport, from the pros all the way down to the lowest amateur ranks, is almost completely based off of sponsors.

Gear and product reviews should allow me to help out the few sponsors I’ve had the pleasure of benefiting from through the Auburn Flyers and maybe even open up new opportunities to try out new stuff and give my opinions for the benefit of others. Like anyone else, and even more so as a college student, I spend a good bit of time “researching” every cycling purchase no matter how big or small. I think I could pass on some of my own “research” in order to help others out as well.

Tips, Training, and more

I build this blog with race recaps and product reviews mostly in mind, but as I’ve been working on the actual site, I’ve had other ideas pop into my head. I’ve already implemented pages to share my results as well as provide a central collection for road routes in and around Auburn, where I do most of my riding.

On top of these, I’d love to share my training methods as well as the many tips that I’ve picked up from various places in the few short years that I’ve been riding. Cycling is such a social sport and I credit almost all that I’ve learned so far to friends and many different online resources. It would only be right to continue to add to those resources and keep passing on the torch.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first post and check out the new site. I hope to continue to spread the love of bikes to fellow cyclists as well as non-cyclists and I hope others will enjoy what I have to say.